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Hollywood Legands

The team found themselves cast in not one but two movies while in Hollywood preparing for the Rose Bowl contest. 

You won't believe what the players did with the money they made!

William "Lone Star" Dietz

Coach William "Lonestar" Dietz remains one of the most winning coaches in Washington State history - and the only coach to post an undefeated record

Early Apple Cup

 The University of Washington had  considered Washington State such a poor quality football opponent they  refused to schedule any games with Washington State. 



  The book documents the unlikely rise of football at Washington State  College, a school that at the time was struggling for its very existence  as an emerging land-grant school. 

Good Reads

It was amazing!
A MUST read for all  Cougar fans, plus those with an interest in the early history of the  state universities in Washington State and for the STRONG influence  Native Americans had on the shaping of what we know as the modern look  and feel of football.   

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 The basis of the book is the untold story of the Washington State  University football team of 1915 when William “Lone Star” Dietz, a  Native American, was hired as the new coach. His innovative strategies  and knowledge would help a group of undersized players to become giants  on the football field, and soon Washington State would be a household  name across America. 


 "Chance  for Glory" is the kind of book from which great sports movies are made.  It has everything in it that a true sports fan or just the lover of a  good story desires, from a compelling plot to interesting characters, a  blend of history, a lot of action, and a fair dose of humor. And it’s  being released just in time to celebrate the one-hundred-year  anniversary of the first Rose Bowl game played by Washington State  College against Brown University in 1916. 


 More than just a story about football, Chance for Glory is an example of  American history. Watkins gives readers glimpses of early Hollywood  film making, the legacy of Indian Wars, and the impact of World War I. 

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“I have decided to put my fate in your hands,” said Washington State  College football coach William “Lone Star” Dietz to his players, as they  prepared to take on Brown University in the 1916 Rose Bowl after an  astounding 1915 season. Dietz promised to return as coach if WSC won.

The team fought hard, using Dietz’s radical play-calling system, and defeated Brown on that rainy New Year’s Day, 14–0.